I really enjoy helping my clients make empowering change on both the inside and the outside. I explain it like this;

“I help clients to create happier thoughts, because our thoughts become our feelings and this has a direct effect on how we physically look and feel (inside and out)”

Another rewarding testimonial. This client now makes time for herself and is reaping the rewards, feeling better on the inside and out…

“I first met Donna at an evening event for women back in July of this year, where she spoke about the power of the mind and demonstrated how Hypnotherapy is used, to overcome issues.

I have always been open-minded to alternative therapies, but had never used this form of treatment until now. As of the first day, I started to change the way I saw, and ate food, with my latest session focusing on confidence and self-esteem.

Every day I now aim to take time out for myself to listen to the audios that Donna has recorded for me at my personal sessions, and I have found that they are really helping me.

I have to say the whole experience has been wonderful, not only does Donna really listen to your issues with compassion, but she makes you feel at ease in the sessions, of which I now have had three, in the past two months.

I can honestly say that Hypnotherapy is working for me, and I am feeling so much better inside and out, with much more confidence all round.”