Much of my work is helping women to feel inspired and empowered.  We are so often LAST on our ‘To Do” list.

What have you done for yourself today or this week, this month?

Perhaps you have lost sight of who you once were?

You may feel a bit depressed and maybe gained a bit of weight?

Might be drinking too much?

Has life become an effort to be endured rather than enjoyed?

This situation doesn’t happen overnight. The responsibilities that we collect along the road of life happen gradually.  But it can feel like you wake up one day feeling overwhelmed and wondering “how did I get to this place?”

Working with your imaginative mind I help you to regain your identity, to reduce the stress and anxiety of an overload of responsibility;

the endless school runs,

the never ending shopping, cooking and cleaning,

caring for all family members,

coping with illness,

or simply just your life being a bit off track.

I will help you find your mojo again.  As a hypno-coach I work gently with you to help you regain your self worth, begin to take control of your life, and practice daily self care.

Some clients initially view self care as being selfish.

I see it like this;

“When we practice daily self care we have more energy for those in our lives, and relationships improve when we begin to put ourselves first a little more often”.